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1.  Twenty-five percent of HR professionals surveyed by SHRM say they do what before inviting candidates for interviews?
    a.  Look the applicant up on social networking sites
    b. Plug the person’s name into a Google search
    c. Call the listed schools on the résumé to see if they’re legit

2. In its latest Hiring Index, ADP reported that what percentage of employment and education reference checks revealed discrepancies?
    a. 21%    b. 41%    c. 61%

3. Salary-increase budgets in 2010 are predicted to rise at their lowest level in more than 20 years, says a Conference Board study. It forecasts the median salary increase this year at:
    a. 1.9%    b. 2.5%    c. 2.8%

4. Employees sleep better, are sharper mentally and have lower blood pressure when they’re allowed to:

    a. Have more control of their work schedules
    b. Work in offices, not cubicles
    c. Work in single-sex environments

5. Employers cite this as their No. 1 challenge related to employees taking FMLA leave for chronic conditions:

    a. Gauging the legitimacy of leave requests
    b. Tracking the employee’s use of intermittent leave
    c. Cost associated with loss of productivity

1. SHRM 2009 survey; 2. ADP Hiring Index; 3. The Conference Board; 4. Cochrane Collaboration study; 5. SHRM.

Answers:  1. a     2. b     3. c     4. a     5. b

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