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As economy rebounds, unions feed off ‘I want my slice!’ gripes

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During the past few years of deep recession, employees mostly understood your organization’s need to freeze wages, stop 401(k) matches and, in some cases, trim payrolls.

But the improving economy and resulting positive headlines are causing more employees to wonder when this good news will trickle down to their own paychecks. And unions are using this unease as a way to organize new members.

“You’re seeing rising expectations of employees, but the conditions may not be changing in your organization. That’s a perfect nexus for unions to come into your workplace and say, ‘You need our help’,” David Rittof, founder of the Chicago-based consulting firm Modern Management said at the recent HR Specialist’s LEAP conference in San Diego.

Unions also see that only 45% of U.S. workers say they’re satisfied with their work—the lowest rating in 22 years.

Advice: The best union repellent is to keep employees content and don’t give than any reasons to seek outside representation. How?

  • Treat all employees fairly and consistently
  • Be visible on a daily basis
  • Keep an open door and open books
  • Act promptly on conflicts or issues raised by employees
  • Express a sincere desire to hear employees' concerns
  • Involve employees in decisions
  • Always show appreciation for employees’ efforts.

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