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Asking for a raise right now is an uphill battle.

There still isn’t “enough money around to compensate people for the extra hours they’ve been putting in,” says Ravin Jesuthasan, head of the global rewards practice at Towers Perrin.

But it could be the perfect time to ask for a perk.

Nearly three-quarters of employers are thinking about retention, says Jesuthasan, “so they are trying to keep people happy by giving them other rewards.”

1. “The biggest one we see is more paid time off," he says. "It’s a great form of recognition for employees who have been going the extra mile, because it’s relatively easy and low-cost, and it’s something that people really value.”

Other perks that are morale boosters but that don’t cost a lot:

2. A more casual dress code

3. The option of telecommuting one day a week

4. A bigger cubicle

5. More vacation time

Key to getting a perk:
Point out how your employer will benefit from giving it to you. Example: Time off would lower your stress level and prevent you from burning out.

— Adapted from “3 perks to ask your boss for—and 9 not to,” Anne Fisher, Fortune.

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