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1. A new survey of 1,836 office workers cited these as their top three office annoyances, in order:

    a.    Poor bathroom manners, slow computers, grumpy co-workers
    b.    Grumpy co-workers, slow computers, gossip/small talk
    c.    Slow computers, loud talkers, poor bathroom manners

2. A new law raises the maximum fine for child-labor violations to:

    a.    $10,000
    b.    $20,000
    c.    $50,000

3. Sixty-four percent of employers offer some form of incentive (typically cash) to encourage employees to:

    a.    Show up to work on time
    b.    Report unethical behavior by co-workers
    c.    Complete a health risk questionnaire

4. What applicant behavior would be a “major deal breaker,” according to a majority (more than 50%) of HR professionals?

    a.    Is dressed provocatively
    b.    Talks negatively about past boss
    c.    Includes a photo with the résumé

5. When Americans in tough financial situations were asked who they blame for their financial problems, Congress (72%) and Wall Street (71%) topped the list. What percentage blamed their employers?

    a. 14%
    b. 29%
    c. 47%  

Sources: 1. Opinium Research; 2. Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act; 3. PricewaterhouseCoopers survey; 4. Society for Human Resource Management survey; 5. Harris survey.

Answers:      1. b      2. c      3. c      4. a      5. b

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