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Raise your game the right way

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

In this second year of high anxiety, here are three ideas you can use to gain some altitude so you won’t be bumping along the bottom.

1. Do the numbers.
The New York City Police Department “didn’t know what it knew,” says Chief Ray Kelly. Four years ago, NYPD set up a 24-hour, seven-day data warehouse that provides information and support to detectives investigating violent crimes.

By managing with analytics, you can extract relevant data and see patterns you missed.

2. Take a walk on the workers’ side. Dave Hewlett and Bill Packard pioneered the notion of “management by walking around” decades ago, but it’s at least as hard to make the time now as it was then. Schedule it.

3. Consult your moral compass. It’s become harder to convince jaded employees that their organizations can be forces for good. Aside from knowing your craft, you need to show through your actions that you will do the right thing.

— Adapted from “How to raise your game in 2010,” Stefan Stern, Financial Times, FT.com.

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