Texas employees file FLSA suit against T.J. Maxx

Employees of T.J. Maxx stores in Texas have filed a class-action suit alleging that the retailer stiffed workers out of regular wages and overtime pay.

The lawsuit claims management required workers who exceeded their scheduled hours to work off the clock and told them to use vacation and sick time to cover time worked beyond their scheduled hours.

According to the complaint, T.J. Maxx engaged in a pattern of willful and reckless disregard for the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

The employees filed the suit on behalf of cashiers, assistant managers and other nonprofessional workers who worked for the chain since 2006.

Final note: Wage-and-hour lawsuits continue to vex employers and provide a compelling reason for making sure your company isn’t violating the FLSA. Remember, if employees win, the judge typically doubles the amount of money due the employees. That makes it easy for relatively small claims to balloon into multimillion-dollar payouts.