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3 good e-mail forwarding tips

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

When you first see “FW:” in your e-mail inbox, you never know whether the sender is sharing something useful or frivolous.

Use the “forward” button wisely, and you can connect others with valuable information or make a new, prized introduction.
Keep these three tips in mind:

1. Streamline your “to” line. Avoid sending a funny e-mail to everyone on your team. If you see something so funny you must share, send it to the one person who will truly appreciate it.

2. Take time to customize. Tack on your own comment at the top of the forwarded content. Example: “Jane, we were just talking about this at lunch the other day. Thought you’d appreciate!”

3. Be mindful of people’s time. You may appreciate a link to LOLCats, but some people think forwards are a huge waste of time. If people don’t respond to the link or occasionally forward something funny back to you, nix them from your distribution list.

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