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The running joke about meetings is summed up in a Dilbert cartoon, where several people assembled around a table listen as the meeting organizer says, “There is no specific agenda for this meeting. As usual, we’ll just make unrelated emotional statements about things that bother us. …”

As an admin, you may be tasked with helping to set agendas, scheduling and taking minutes. But how much power do you have to keep meetings productive? Plenty.

Look for clues in the way meetings work at Google. One of the company’s executives, Marissa Mayer, holds an average of 70 meetings per week. A series of meeting rules keeps those huddles productive, efficient and inspiring.

Beyond setting meeting rules, of course, Google has created an entire culture around measurement and results. You may find that not all of these tips are replicable at your office. But it’s a place to start.

1. Set a firm agenda. Even a five-minute ...(register to read more)

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