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Fort Hood Rampage Kills 13, Wounds 43

1 Killed, 5 Wounded in Orlando Shooting: Officials Say Suspect was Fired from
Firm Where Incident Occurred

2 Dead, Up to 10 Wounded in Portland, Ore., Shooting

In the wake of this fall's spate of workplace shootings, HR professionals and managers nationwide are grappling with the horrific possibility of violence erupting in their own facilities.

HR Specialist’s free Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit contains prevention strategies, tips on identifying potentially violent workers, advice for managers on maintaining a safe workplace, two sample anti-violence policies adaptable for use in any company and checklists to use in case violence does erupt. Download your free copy here.

An effective workplace violence prevention program starts with employee screening and ends with publicizing a tough anti-violence policy, according to Dennis A. Davis, a former SWAT team liaison...(register to read more)

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