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Issue: You need to occasionally buy training videos/DVDs, but thousands exist and the quality varies greatly.

Benefit: Using a reputable rating service can help you sort out the "Citizen Kanes" of the training world from the "Ishtars."

Action: Use the following suggested titles and shopping tips to help guide your choices.

You scheduled a sexual-harassment training session long ago but forgot to buy a training video. You quickly order a video shipped overnight. When it arrives, it's a hack job, but you're stuck.

To avoid such embarrassing (and possibly costly) problems, first review the suggestions from independent sources. The best-known list of top training videos comes from Richardson Training Media, www.rctm.com/bestof04.htm, which offers more than 10,000 titles produced by 200 companies. It ranks the top videos in various categories, based on both sales and customer feedback. Here are the top three titles in some key categories:

1. Communication. Communication Toolkit. Dealing with Conflict. Everybody Wins: How to Turn Conflict Into Colla-boration.

2. Sexual harassment. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: It's Not Enough to Know Better. It's Not Just About Sex Anymore: Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace. In This Together: An Engaging Look at Harassment & Respect.

3. HR and diversity. Clown. Just Be F.A.I.R. Diversity Training Package. M.E.E.T. on Common Ground: Speaking up for Respect in the Workplace.

4. Leadership and supervision. The Abilene Paradox. Leadership Challenge. Accountability that Works.

5. Customer service and sales. Give 'em the Pickle!. Remember Me? It's Show Time Everybody with Stew Leonard.

6. Ethics. Ethics 4 Everyone. A.C.T. with Integrity: Real Situations for Discussion. Accountability that Works!

7. Performance management and motivation. Whale Done!. Celebrate What's Right with the World. Everyday Creativity.

8. shopping tips

Compare prices. In addition to the Richardson site you can buy many of these training videos at other distributor sites, such as:


  • www.trainingabc.com,



  • www.atsmedia.com,



  • www.videomedia.net and



  • www.employeeuniversity.com.




Insert the title in a keyword search. You may also find cheaper used copies at online auction sites.

 Use your 'free preview' time. Plan enough time to order free preview videos, return them, and order the one you want.

 Be leery of low-priced videos. Expect to pay $500 to $700 for quality training videos. Some producers specialize in videos under $200. And while some have good content, they tend to be older. Free previews are often unavailable.

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