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Do women have to be better than men to succeed in the workplace?

Nearly half (45%) of all working women answered “yes” in a survey by Cisco and Gender IQ. Only 26% of men agreed with the statement.

Other findings:

Is ability more important than personality in the workplace? 53% of men said “yes” vs. 39% of women.

In a conflict at work, would you confront the situation face to face? 73% of men said yes vs. 63% of women.

How long does it take to recover from workplace conflict? 41% of women said “more than a month” vs. 25% of men.

Women were slightly more demanding than men about what is important in a job, with 79% saying training is important, compared with 73% of men, and 75% seeking flexible hours, compared with 69% of men.

Source: Cisco.

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