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With everything on your radar during the workday, it’s easy to forget about employee morale. But keeping the team engaged isn’t something that can be ignored or postponed.

Studies show that organizations with high employee morale also show a corresponding level of productivity and employee retention rates. Those same studies show that happy employees rarely file employment lawsuits.

To keep morale on your radar, be aware of some of the common management mistakes that undermine it. According to a recent OfficeTeam report, here are nine main deflators of employee morale, plus tips on avoiding them:

1. Thinking it’s all about money. Money matters when it comes to retention. But it’s not the only thing that keeps employees content (and away from the want ads). Studies show that the primary reason people quit their jobs is unhappiness with management, followed by a limited opportunity for advancement. Compensation ranked thir...(register to read more)

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