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Etiquette tip: Say thanks like a leader

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in Business Etiquette,Leaders & Managers,Management Training,Workplace Communication

We’ve all been told a thousand times that to increase our influence and effectiveness, we need to write personal thank-you notes.

Here’s the right way to do it, as evidenced by a 1991 note from George H.W. Bush to Goldie Hawn. The president says:

  • He was nervous about being seated next to her “only because sometimes I’m not too hot of a dinner partner.” Poking fun at yourself is the gold standard in humor.
  • “You were a fantastic dinner partner.” He keeps the spotlight on her, where it belongs.
  • “You made me feel welcome and totally at ease.” Name at least one specific thing. No “thanks for everything.”

— Adapted from “Anatomy of a Great Thank-You Note,” David Hochman, Reader’s Digest.

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