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Get legal advice when union tries to organize

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in Employment Law,Human Resources

You may think employees won’t try to unionize right now because the economy is a shambles and most employees are happy just to have a job. Think again.

If you hear rumors that employees are talking about unionizing, call your attorney right away—and definitely before making any changes in the workplace. Otherwise, you may end up in court, fighting unfair labor practices charges.

Recent case: When a union started an organizing drive at Aluminum Casting, the company withheld a scheduled 25-cents-per-hour wage increase. The union sued and the matter has been in court ever since, including two trips to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The court has now concluded that the company violated the law when it didn’t add the increase to base wages. (United Electric (UE) v. NLRB, et al., No. 08-2724, 7th Cir., 2009)

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