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Quiz: Are you leadership material?

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

Think you might have what it takes to lead—whether it’s your admin team or a committee of volunteers? Take this quiz from CareerBuilder.com to rate your skill level. Ask a trusted peer to complete it and assess your skill as well.

Answer each question on a scale of one to five:

Strongly Disagree = 1

Disagree = 2 

Unsure = 3 

Agree = 4 

Strongly agree = 5

  1. I know myself, my values and skills, and my strengths and weaknesses.
  2. I am confident in meeting most challenges, emerging intact and feeling good about myself.
  3. I have a vision of where we ought to go as a group, community, society and people.
  4. I am constantly renewed by what I learn and by my interaction with others.
  5. I see the way to success is through steady team-building.
  6. I see great wisdom in building the capabilities of others, empowering them and motivating them to do their best.
  7. I possess stamina, energy, tenacity and enthusiasm for my work.
  8. I have the courage to take on what I know is right, regardless of my critics and detractors.
  9. I have high moral character; I know what is right and wrong and act accordingly.
  10. I am willing to take risks for something I believe in, whether for people or ideals.
  11. I present my ideas logically, forcefully and effectively; my ideas are often adopted.
  12. I achieve results through concentrating on clear goals over time; I build on small successes.
  13. I have a healthy sense of humor; I laugh at myself and keep cynicism and sarcasm in rein.
  14. I keep perspective: I know where we are in a process, how far we've come, how far we've got to go and what's important in the short and long run.
  15. I am known for my flexibility, responding to a variety of situations with appropriate skills, styles and perceptions.
  16. I listen actively to colleagues and co-workers; I hear their words and try to understand their feelings.
  17. I maintain an open, warm relationship with others, encouraging them with praise and genuine respect of their views and feelings.
  18. I provide others with clear feedback, reinforcing positive contributions, and clarifying and confronting as needed.
  19. I mediate for others, helping them find and reinforce the common ground on which solutions can be built.
  20. I facilitate interpersonal and group relationships, teaching by example and by making these relationships visible.

Tip: Did any statements receive a one, two or three from you or your colleague? Use them as a starting point to write personal development goals. 

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