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2 ways to make you and the boss look good

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in Employee Benefits Program,Human Resources

The fringe benefit of making your boss look good? You look good.

Make these two proactive habits part of your repertoire:

1. Prototype your work. Imagine this: You get an assignment from your boss and work on it for a week, only to realize that the end product isn’t exactly what she expected.

A better way to tackle a big or new task is to do a portion of the work, maybe 10% of the task, then run it past her for approval. Do you have the right level of detail? The right format? If it’s a presentation, for example, have you included the right balance of bullet points and pictures?

You can clear up any misunderstandings before you spend several days working on it. And your boss is much happier with the end product.

2. Deliver bad news early. It can be hard telling your boss you’ve hit a snag. Maybe you’re one of those go-getters that believes she can somehow push through any barrier. Or maybe you simply hate giving bad news.

By telling a boss early that you’ve hit a roadblock, however, you do two things: You ensure that there’s enough time to come up with a solution and you hit the deadline.

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