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1-Minute Strategies: Nov. ’09

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training,Office Technology,PowerPoint Tricks

Avoid sending big files back and forth with your boss. Try Dropbox, a virtual hard drive. For example, she can send you a PowerPoint file, you can edit it and save to Dropbox. The new version is automatically saved on your computer.

Hold a web conference free and invite up to 20 guests, with DimDim, which Inc. magazine calls the best in its class. Meeting hosts can show PowerPoint presentations or share documents. Attendees can view what’s on your desktop, and everyone can brainstorm together using a whiteboard feature.

Print less by taking advantage of the less-popular settings in your Print dialogue box. Example: If you want to print  just a few paragraphs in Word, slides in PowerPoint or cells in a spreadsheet, highlight them first. Then, when you click on File, Print, select the option to print “Selection.”

Set a time limit on routine tasks to gain more time out of every day. Example: If it normally takes you an hour to write the perfect letter, plan to give yourself half the time to write a “good enough” letter. Give up on the idea of being perfect at everything.

Eliminate half-done projects by keeping a running list. Set up a page in your planner or notebook that lists all projects that have stalled and need finishing. Nothing slips through the cracks that way. Now, whenever you have spare time or need to know where you stand on a project, you’ll know where to look to remember what needs tackling next.

Improve your concentration with meditation. Google and Reebok both offer meditation to employees. Ron Bartkiewicz, a health promotion manager at Reebok, meditates every day: “I used to hear about it and was never really quite sure,” he says. “But if you take the time to learn, it’s amazing. It helps you to relax and improves your concentration.” — Adapted from “The value of deep thinking,” Rhymer Rigby, Financial Times.

Is your company hungry for publicity? Here’s one idea: Get the word out about a new product, service or idea by spreading the word on SlideShare, an online community for sharing presentations. Upload your slides, tag them, then let others discover your presentation.

Resolve conflict
by challenging your own assumptions, advises Steve Tobak, The Corner Office blog. “I had a CEO who said that conflict is the result of people making different assumptions,” he says. “Ask yourself what assumptions your position is based on, then do the same with the other person.”

Find a green home for lightweight “peanuts.” The Plastic Loose Fill Council (www.loosefillpackaging.com) has a “Peanut Hotline” (800-828-2214) to find local recycling centers, including chain-store shippers. To recycle molded chunks of expanded polystyrene (EPS) used to cushion televisions, etc., contact the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers (www.epspackaging.org).

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