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Facebook costs employers 1.5% of productivity.

So says a new Nucleus Research study, which also estimates that nearly two-thirds of Facebook users access Facebook at work. On average, they spend 15 minutes on the site during work hours, but some admitted to frittering away up to two hours per day.

Among those using Facebook at work, 87% couldn’t define a clear business reason for it.

On Dec. 17, learn about the new risks created by the Information Age – and the best strategies to avoid them – in an informative webinar presented by Business Management Daily, Employees Online: Social Media at Work

Facebook started as an online tool for college and university students to connect with each other. It has since expanded to allow anyone over the age of 13 with a valid email address to open a free account. It is loosely organized into a variety of networks based on schools, location, employers, charities and other causes. Connections are known as “friends.” People update with short written blurbs about what they’re doing, pictures, video and the like.

Facebook has over 200 million registered users.

Gain control over your employees' Facebook use by crafting a social networking policy. It will insulate you from ill-advised Facebook postings your employees may make. And it will give you grounds to discipline workers who abuse social networking sites at work.

You owe it to your employees to provide a safe workplace, and to protect their rights to free speech and free expression. But you’ve also got to protect your company’s reputation and trade secrets.

Employees Online provides detailed advice on how to do both – effectively and legally. Register for the webinar now!

According to another survey, this one by Deloitte, only 22% of companies have a formal policy that guides employees in how they can use social networking at work.

A perfect social networking policy to cover these new media could be drafted using only a few words: “Be mature, be ethical, and think before you type.”  Ultimately, you may decide that such brevity is what you want for your business.

This unique, interactive event will provide you with definitive, practical answers to the challenges you’re dealing with, including:
  • The 5 reasons why you MUST put limits on employees’ blogs, Tweets and other social-media posts
  • When are employees' online postings considered free speech … and when are they libel? (A 5-question test will let you know)
  • Developing a workplace social media policy
  • How the National Labor Relations Act applies in the virtual world
  • Can you fire workers if they post embarrassing (but true) details about your company?
  • Internal AND external legal risks of social media
  • The 6 steps to safeguarding your organization against today’s online legal threats
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