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by Chuck Lentz, Esq.

Disputes between co-workers and between employees and their bosses are almost inevitable—which is why every HR professional must know how to gather the necessary facts to find out what’s going on.

Whether it is a small inquiry that might only involve a couple of questions, or a weighty investigation into serious allegations of misconduct, being deliberate and intentional about an investigation will create a more helpful and less disruptive process.

Take some time to think about and plan your inquiry even for simple, seemingly routine issues. If the situation is complicated—or if a red flag about possible legal claims goes up in your mind—a well-planned investigation can be critically important. Not only will careful and evenhanded fact-gathering lead to the best possible decision, it will also enhance the credibility of the involved managers and the organization.

These basics apply to any fac...(register to read more)

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