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Unionized workforce? There are some advantages

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

Most employers want to stay union-free for obvious reasons, such as retaining direct control over wages and benefits. But it’s not all downside to have a union represent your employees; there are some advantages.

One is that troublesome employees end up bugging their union reps about work problems instead of management. And it turns out, union reps get tired of baseless complaints, too.

Some disgruntled employees even sue the union instead of the employer.

Recent case: Michael Majied made many complaints, especially after he started working with a new computer system. He urged his union representative to file grievance after grievance.

Finally, when he was terminated and his union said it would no longer represent him, Majied sued the union for failure to fairly represent him. Score one for the employer, which didn’t have to go to court. (Majied v. Cuyahoga, No. 1:09-CV-344, ND OH, 2009)

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