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Gaining access to VIPs

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in Admins,Office Management

With admin conferences coming up (such as the Administrative Professionals Conference in October) you may want to meet some of the presenters.

You can, says Keith Ferrazzi, who’s been called the world’s most connected man by Inc. magazine.

Ferrazzi tells of being a conference speaker and learning that legendary leader Jack Welch was also there. Unfortunately, he forgot to wear his badge allowing him access backstage.

So he struck a confident stance, walked up to the stage and asked where the green room was. “They just pointed me in the direction of the green room!” Ferrazzi says. “I saw Welch heading to the bathroom. Perfect! I get a two-minute conversation with the guy.”

What else do you need, other than good timing, to reach a VIP? Ferrazzi offers two tips:

1. Make sure you find the speakers well before they’re on the stage. “Afterward, you’ll never touch them because everyone wants to get to them,” he says.

2. Have confidence. Walk up and tell people about your admiration for them and their work. The effect is “phenomenal,” he says.

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