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Each Wednesday, nationally syndicated workplace columnist Marie G. McIntyre, Ph. D., answers your “in the trenches” workplace questions on everything from team-building to getting a raise to dealing with difficult people.

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Question:  “I recently lost a job after six months because management said I was a ‘mismatch.’ Although I found another job immediately, it is not something I want to do long-term. I like my supervisor and co-workers, but I don’t enjoy the work...
Question: Two of my female co-workers have management wrapped around their little fingers. These women have been here much longer than I have, but my qualifications and experience are twice as good.  However, I recently discovered that my salary is a lot lower. Although my supervisor’s boss says that I am management material, my supervisor treats me no differently than my complacent co-workers. After receiving an excellent performance review, I was dismayed to learn that he gave them the same rating...
Question:  “My previous manager was very supportive and a truly incredible leader. When she was promoted to a higher position, one of my co-workers replaced her. In the past, this person hardly ever spoke to me. Now she is taking the term “boss” to a whole new scary level. After asking each of us what we liked and disliked, she has taken away most of the “likes”... 
Question:  “I’m concerned that I may be a victim of discrimination. After joining this firm a year ago, I was recently approached about taking a new position in another department. My current boss supported this move.The other manager and I discussed my transfer numerous times. He told his superiors that I was his candidate of choice.  He said the job description would be built around my qualifications and that he would only interview others as a token. Now his total support seems to have faded. Although the position requisition was approved several weeks ago, I have heard nothing more about a transfer. I’m wondering if my age may be an issue. In the past three months, both managers have asked my age, which is 58. Their questions came up in casual conversation, unrelated to work, but it makes me suspicious. What’s your opinion?  —Mistrustful
Question: “I have been fired from almost every job I have ever had.  I’m 22 years old and have been working since I was 16.  I see a pattern in my behavior, but don’t know how to change it.  As soon as I’m comfortable in a job, my emotional needs take over, and I involve everyone in my issues.  Although I’m not a complainer, I seem to need a lot of attention. I did have a rough childhood, but I’m a smart person. I know what I’m doing when I’m doing it.  I just can’t seem to stop.  Do you have any advice?”  —Desperate
Question: “My former boss and I have become the victims of another manager’s envy and greed. My boss was a brilliant executive who grew our business to ten times its original size.  But then another senior manager, “Mike” became jealous of his success. Mike openly criticized my boss and tried to insert himself into our operations.  My boss firmly pushed him out. Next, Mike got one of our employees to spy on us and began telling the CEO lies about our department. We ignored this, assuming that no one would believe him. Then the worst happened. My boss was demoted, and I was transferred to another office. Mike took over our department...
Question: “I was recently contacted online by a close friend that I haven’t seen in 25 years. We made plans to get together, but I’m worried about seeing him. ‘Steve’ is at the top of his game as a highly successful motivational speaker. He’s been married for almost 30 years and has four kids. My life is the complete opposite.  I never married, and my career ended after the 9/11 attacks. Then my mother developed a terminal illness, and my father became senile. I went bankrupt, lost my home, and am now destitute. At the age of 50, I’m working two jobs, sleeping at a friend’s house, and fending off depression. I am very ashamed of my situation. What on earth can I say when Steve asks how I’m doing?”  —Downtrodden
Question:  “I work for a bank that was recently acquired by a larger bank. Management has told us that there will be layoffs in a few months, but we don’t yet know who will be affected.  Should I wait and see what happens or start looking for another position now?”  —Worried
Question: “A woman in my department is retiring after 30 years. The department head is hosting a party for her at an outside facility. The guest list includes important clients, executives from other companies, department managers, and a few select colleagues. Our group has about 50 employees, and a lot of us were not invited. I find this to be rude and unprofessional.  Am I being overly sensitive?”  —Excluded
Question:  “During my interviews for a sales position, I am often asked whether I have children. When I say that I have four, the managers typically respond that they also have children and must juggle a lot of responsibilities.  The question usually comes up in a casual chat, while we’re driving to a field office or eating lunch. This seems like friendly conversation, but since I have received no job offers, I can’t help wondering if it’s really discrimination. Can this question legally be asked in an informal setting?  And how do I respond without looking resistant?”  —Working Mom
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