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Workplace Communication

In an era of Casual Fridays and work-from-home colleagues, how can you maintain effective office communication in a changing business climate?

We’ll steer you through changes in business etiquette, and help you successfully navigate through the new realities of workplace conflict and office politics.

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When you want to propose your ideas in a persuasive manner, organize your points in threes: situation- options-solution.
Dealing with an employee who longs to break the rules.
When you want to give an employee a set of facts (such as dates and times of upcoming meetings), warn her before you start spewing out data.

Avoid oversmiling

by on September 1, 1998 6:30pm
in Workplace Communication

Everyone likes a cheery, positive co-worker. But don’t overdo it.
All the data in the world won’t help you manage better unless you sift through it to make sound judgments. Amassing vast information can actually work against you if you become immobilized by all the facts at your fingertips.
How to react to a number of uncomfortable situations in the workplace

Craft your image

by on September 1, 1998 6:30pm
in Workplace Communication

When you change employers, 90 percent of your early success in your new job depends not on your work product but on your personality.
Here’s a great way to call attention to your fine work without coming across like a braggart: Send a memo to your boss praising one or more of your employees for their contributions in helping you attain an impressive result.
You have been given huge responsibilities but little power over those you count on to help you meet them.
Never critique what cannot be changed.
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