Workplace Communication

In an era of Casual Fridays and work-from-home colleagues, how can you maintain effective office communication in a changing business climate?

We’ll steer you through changes in business etiquette, and help you successfully navigate through the new realities of workplace conflict and office politics.

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Keep business cards uncrumpled in a metal or leather holder.

Pennsylvania regulates—and in some cases prohibits—industrial homework, which the Industrial Homework Act defines as “any manufacture in a home of articles or materials for an employer, representative contractor or contractor.” In other words, no in-home sweatshops are allowed in Pennsylvania ...

Power up your correspondence by reading it aloud before sending it.
Peak performers all seem to have this in common: They work long hours; they visit customers and employees; they function on little sleep; they exercise; and they manage to work in family time.
Soften resistance to change by using the “1 + 9 rule”:
Ovid, the Roman poet and philosopher who lived from 43 BC until 17 AD, wrote Metamorphoses, probably the first great treatise on mastering change.
Nowadays, when you hear about celebrities turning themselves into brands, it’s nothing special. In 1925, it was.
When she took charge of Camp Lejeune, N.C., a year ago, Marine Col. Adele Hodges knew she had to acknowledge that she was the first woman and the first African- American to command the base of expeditionary forces.
You sometimes can succeed in business by avoiding competition and swimming for “blue oceans”: new areas of endeavor where competitors are scarce.
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