Office Communication

Communication in business requires the understanding of different communication styles, and the ability to break down communication barriers.

In business communication, effective communication requires a sort of “office communication toolkit” – the kind of resource Business Management Daily provides.

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Employment laws give older workers unique protections that younger workers lack. Specifically, the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Ohio’s Fair Employment Practices Act prohibit discrimination because of age against workers 40 and older. However, employers are getting a reprieve of sorts from a new EEOC regulation ...

When publisher Ziff Davis encouraged its employees to communicate about shared projects on internal blogs rather than e-mail, the results were astonishing.
Rent a room near the office for the night. Under a new IRS ruling, you can deduct the cost of the room as an employee business expense. If your company foots the bill, the payment is tax-free to you as a “working-condition” fringe benefit. (IRS Notice 2007-47)

At Los Gatos, CA-based Netflix, employees can take as much vacation time as they want. No kidding ...

Here’s a leadership story from former Coca-Cola President Jack Stahl that shows no law says you have to let departing employees go.
I saw an article stating "Workers can be fired or reprimanded for sharing their opinions with co-workers, customers or the public, raising the question: Whatever happened to the freedom of speech?"
As both our societies and our workplaces become more diverse, it's more common to find different languages spoken on our teams. Here are some points to bear in mind.

Officials at Timberland Co. are helping to meet the outdoor-apparel maker’s commitment to environmental awareness—and helping employees reduce commuting costs—by offering their workers a $3,000 incentive to buy fuel-efficient hybrid cars ...

Most of us were never trained to listen well. Our schools teach reading, writing and speaking skills far more thoroughly than listening skills. Many of us display bad listening habits.

A new study proves what you may intuitively know: Organizations that communicate effectively with employees outperform those that don't ...

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