Office Communication

Communication in business requires the understanding of different communication styles, and the ability to break down communication barriers.

In business communication, effective communication requires a sort of “office communication toolkit” – the kind of resource Business Management Daily provides.

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The addictive nature of digital connectivity can rupture our relationships ... Computer-spying software can promote distrust.
As a manager, how can you win over employees from all over the world?
You must decide to listen well. Unless you consciously say to yourself, "I'm going to pay attention," as a conversation gets under way, you will miss the full message.

It takes just one low-level manager or frontline supervisor to create havoc in the workplace. These people set the tone of workplace communications, and if that tone has sexual content, others are likely to follow the lead. That’s one good reason to make sure you do more than lecture on sexual harassment. Instead—especially if branch offices are located away from headquarters—HR should make spot visits to see whether anything is amiss ...

The nation’s largest poultry producer—Texas-based Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.—recently agreed to pay $1 million to settle allegations that it discriminated on the basis of sex and ethnicity in hiring ...

When selling your ideas, you need to be prepared to deliver a top-notch presentation. Use our tips to sharpen your skills. When you have to sell an idea, use our 4-step approach.

Perez Hilton, who? d-listed, what? And what in the world does “OMG” mean? If you’re feeling out of touch with workers from younger generations at the office, you’re not alone. Generation Y is reshaping the workplace.

There are messy desks, and then there's Robert's workstation, which always looks like a bomb went off in the vicinity. How do you get him to clean up his act?
There are subjects that seem to be of eternal interest, and one of them is "how to deal with negative attitudes in the workplace."
Saving taxes is a year-round proposition, but tax planning takes on added significance at year-end. This Special Issue primarily is devoted to year-end tax strategies that can literally save you thousands of tax dollars. On the other hand, if you stand by idly, you’ll be missing out on valuable tax breaks.

Make a few smart moves as the year winds down, and you can slash the tax bills for both you and your business. The overall strategy: push income into next year and pull deductions into this year.

For your convenience, we’ve divided this year-end issue into two main sections:  personal and business. We offer you 10 ways to cut your personal taxes (starting below) and eight ways to trim business taxes.

Several key tax breaks are going off the books at the end of 2007 (unless Congress extends them), so take a look at our seven last-chance tax opportunities to cash in your tax chips now.
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