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Office Communication

Communication in business requires the understanding of different communication styles, and the ability to break down communication barriers.

In business communication, effective communication requires a sort of “office communication toolkit” – the kind of resource Business Management Daily provides.

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Within 30 seconds of opening your presentation, your listeners have reached a verdict. They decide to either pay attention or daydream.
Persuasive speakers bend their personality muscles to appeal to a wide range of audiences. They adjust how they speak—their tone, manner and word choice—to woo a particular individual or group.
Janice Keels joined the Passaic municipal payroll as a judiciary clerk in 1999. Almost immediately, her supervisor noted that she had poor interpersonal skills. For example, Keels complained in May 2000 about a co-worker, saying she would hit her if she had to, and repeating, “I’ll hit her” ...
Mauricia Grant, a former NASCAR technical inspector, has filed a $225 million lawsuit against the stock car racing sanctioning body for racial and sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination, saying “life in the garage” was appalling ...
Any seasoned manager knows it's unwise to accept what employees say at face value. The real test of their honesty is whether they deliver on their promises.
Essentially, I'm a patient guy. But nothing makes me lose patience more than people who say, "Essentially."
To shut down the rumor mill, you must do more than demand that your staff stop gossiping. You also have to give them something more fruitful to talk about.
Employers with unionized work forces, take note: The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has made it more difficult for union organizers and members to use your e-mail system for union business—if you adopt the right electronic communications policies ...
Everyone can cite some version of the 80/20 rule. We can thank Joseph Juran for the advent of the 80/20 rule. He concluded that 80 percent of effects flow from 20 percent of causes.
Selling your ideas takes passion, preparation and perseverance.
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