Office Communication

Communication in business requires the understanding of different communication styles, and the ability to break down communication barriers.

In business communication, effective communication requires a sort of “office communication toolkit” – the kind of resource Business Management Daily provides.

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Just because someone asks you a question doesn’t oblige you to answer it. Managers often prefer to evade an inquiry or dig for more information before responding to it.
It’s easy to spot boring speakers. They start by stating the obvious. Then they spout generalities. And they conclude by restating the obvious.
It’s sad enough when an employee becomes seriously ill. What makes it tougher is that work doesn’t stop. Deadlines remain, customers need service and paperwork piles up. That means you have to deal with two major management challenges at once: understanding and appreciating the emotions of the employee and other co-workers, while making sure the [...]

Prepare for media interviews by reviewing what the reporter has published or aired before. Ask the reporter for draft interview questions in advance. Most of all, know what you want to say and rehearse it. Follow these six tips to get the main idea you want to convey into an understandable story.

Catch a second wind by tackling a task on your “Mind Like Mush” list ... Is your boss an ‘allergic-to-details’ type? Keep project files handy that contain details he or she is likely to need ... Find travel deals by booking later ... Spruce up your administrative “portfolio” by adding a dash of visual material.

Q. My company provides health care services. Recently, a deaf client said we had to pay for a sign language interpreter. Is that true?

Lissa Hannan, a Verizon employee in the Pittsburgh area, filed a complaint alleging a male contractor sexually harassed her. The company essentially put her on hold and then hung up. Ten days after she filed her complaint, Verizon fired Hannan. The company ended up agreeing to pay her $37,000 to settle the lawsuit.

With competition for customers and clients keener than ever, your product related presentations can make or break sales. Close the deal by sharpening your pitch with the methods of Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs, a widely acknowledged master of presentations.

You begin a presentation by declaring, “I’m thrilled to be here today.” That’s a fatal mistake.
Persuasive speakers manage their time well. By sticking to a tight time frame, they keep the flow of information moving briskly.
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