Career Management

Successful career development is more than doing a good job. Dressing for success, business writing skills, career networking – all are vitally important.

Business Management Daily’s succinct, workplace-tested career advice is designed to help you position yourself to succeed in your chosen field.

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If you’re holding the line on pay raises, you’re in good company. Three new surveys agree that most employers will raise salaries between 3.8% and 3.9% for the second year in a row in 2008, halting a steady upward trend in pay raises that began in 2004 ...

Next time you travel for a conference or off-site meeting, avoid showing up with luggage that looks like it’s ready to retire from the road.
If you're lucky enough to spend a few days at a convention, networking, learning and developing new skills, make sure you squeeze the most out of the experience.
Do you sometimes dream about setting up your own business? Well, turn your fantasy into reality.
Look like a networking pro by sprucing up your business-card etiquette.
You know the drill. Budgets tighten and the ax falls on meetings and travel.
Career planning with your staff can lead to increased job satisfaction, involvement, commitment and productivity. Here's what you need to know.

How far can employees go when firing off comments on the web on their own time? What if the employee is a public servant? For Bernie Kieklak, chief of staff for state Sen. Lisa Boscola, the answer is pretty far ...

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires that employees who work more than 40 hours a week receive overtime for the extra hours. But many jobs and positions are exempt from FLSA OT rules ...

For many small businesses, a mailing list is where their advertising begins and ends. But with mailing costs boosted in May and higher rates forecast ahead, it’s smart to consider a lower-cost (virtually no-cost) alternative: e-mail marketing.
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