Business Etiquette

Professional office etiquette isn’t as simple as it once was. Now there’s email etiquette, office meeting etiquette, and more.

Business Management Daily’s business etiquette tips will help you main professional etiquette at all times. Our office etiquette tips will help you put your best foot forward.

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Pamela Stoney worked as a sales manager for Atlanta-based Cingular Wireless (subsequently AT&T) in Colorado. After the company fired her for insubordination, Stoney filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division, claiming age and gender discrimination and retaliation ...

Q. The limit on business gifts seems too low. Can it be avoided by giving a gift to the entire company?

Send the right message with your e-mail sign-off by “mirroring,” says Judith Kallos, creator of


People traditionally pack on extra pounds during the Thanksgiving-to-Christmas string of holiday parties and office functions. Here's one key rule for holiday partygoers.

Business etiquette expert Barbara Pachter says that hotter summer temps are often to blame for unsuitable work attire.

Some employees can tolerate coworkers’ swearing and rude behavior, but don’t even dream of touching their ham sandwiches.

Normal people try to put their best foot forward during job interviews. Others not so much. Like the applicant who showed up drunk. Or the guy who picked his nose. A new survey reveals some of the strangest, rudest behavior applicants display during job interviews.
Before you pack your bags, consider these conference etiquette tips.
While some employees can tolerate co-workers’ swearing and rude behavior, don’t even think about touching their ham sandwiches. The absolute most offensive thing an office worker can do to colleagues is to steal their food from the office fridge, says a new survey of 2,500 U.S. employees ...

Q. We have a reciprocal agreement with another company in a related field. If they furnish “qualified leads” to us and we reward them, are the payments treated as business gifts?

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