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A Microsoft® Certified Trainer, Melissa Esquibel combines her 25+ years experience in information technology with a background in training, technical writing and business risk analysis. Her goal: To take you from “No, how?” to “Know how!”

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Office 365 is the robust cloud computing offering by Microsoft. Very quickly and inexpensively, an organization can enable the power of Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Lync 2010. For as little as $6 per user per month you can put the power of high-end collaboration software to work for your organization. Either as a long […]
If you’ve never created a Macro before, this one will be an easy starting place. A macro can be a simple recording of keystrokes that can be played back over and over again. The purpose of this macro is to set the column widths and row heights to the right size to accommodate the data […]
In PowerPoint 2010, you can now create a video file called a Windows Media Video file or .wmv. This format is playable on many video players and can be converted with a separate piece of software to another format if needed.  Last year, here in Office Tech Pro, we introduced the basics for creating videos […]
Many people are presenting problems to IT and being told their solution is SharePoint. While there is a whole lot of “geek speak going around, there’s not enough plain talk. Here’s a primer: What SharePoint is NOT SharePoint is not an application. So we while we open Word and create a .docx or open Excel and […]
As business professionals one of the goals we should have is to find new and better ways to repeat success, not re-invent it. Here’s what I’m doing today to make my life easier next year. Word This year I started writing proposals on 2 different types of work. I plan to do more next year. […]
Do you ever get merged cells errors? While merged cells can give your table and worksheet titles a nice appearance, they can cause problems with calculations if they appear within your tables and ranges. There is an alternative that will give you the same look, but without the complications of merged cells. Just as you […]
Did you ever want to send emails to a group of contacts, but wanted them all to receive individually addressed emails, rather than being part of a distribution group or a huge list of addressees? Well, you can, by doing a Mail Merge in Outlook. Most people associate Mail Merge with Word. And while you […]
Do you know how a good pair of shoes always feel better after you’ve worn them for awhile. They feel better because they’ve adjusted to your feet. When things are adjusted to the way you work, you just work better! And, so it is with your Microsoft Office applications. In Word there are a few […]
Stop counting on your fingers and toes to do date math! Use these Excel tips to calculate past due dates, follow-up dates and other tedious time calculations.
Capture phrases, paragraphs or objects to use over and over in Word and Outlook.