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The Office Tech Pro

A Microsoft® Certified Trainer, Melissa Esquibel combines her 25+ years experience in information technology with a background in training, technical writing and business risk analysis. Her goal: To take you from “No, how?” to “Know how!”

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If you design diagrams with layered objects, especially with animation, it can be a bit frustrating to keep things stacked the way you like as you make changes and add movement. Here are a couple of tips to keep your sanity with layered objects. The Selection Pane Reveal the selection pane by clicking on the [...]
Just about everything you need with regard to changing your view in Outlook can be found on the View tab in Outlook 2010. Here’s a little tour through the View ribbon. Current View In this group you’ll find 3 handy buttons. Have you assembled a view that met a specific need, but now just want to [...]
My Ribbon is gone! This is a common exclamation by new Office 2007 and 2010 users. We come from a long line of “double clickers” even though precious little needs a double click. One of the things you might actually double click on is a tab on the Ribbon (Home, Insert, Page Layout, etc.). If [...]
Beyond Find Many people have used Find for years in Microsoft Word without ever clicking on the More>> button. Here are all the things you can look for specifically: Your search words in the case you type them in, so This, THIS, or this. Words that sound like other words (searching for cash, will also [...]
by Melissa P. Esquibel, Microsoft Certified Trainer Did you ever feel like you needed more help after getting help in Microsoft Office? There are tips and tricks to getting the right help fast, and get you back to work. The #1 best tip for getting help in Microsoft Office is to know what things are [...]
Rachelle asks: “I would like to set up excel spread sheet to track my hours for work but can’t figure out how to set it up, can someone please help!” There are several great templates on Office Online which you can access with File (or Office Button) New and looking for templates on Office Online. [...]
I had an interesting question this week from someone in my network. Their IT decision makers have chosen to host their email and calendars in Gmail. My contact and her colleagues would all prefer to keep using Outlook 2010. She wanted to know how that was possible. Well, it is possible using IMAP to connect [...]
Office 365 is the robust cloud computing offering by Microsoft. Very quickly and inexpensively, an organization can enable the power of Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Lync 2010. For as little as $6 per user per month you can put the power of high-end collaboration software to work for your organization. Either as a long [...]
If you’ve never created a Macro before, this one will be an easy starting place. A macro can be a simple recording of keystrokes that can be played back over and over again. The purpose of this macro is to set the column widths and row heights to the right size to accommodate the data [...]
In PowerPoint 2010, you can now create a video file called a Windows Media Video file or .wmv. This format is playable on many video players and can be converted with a separate piece of software to another format if needed.  Last year, here in Office Tech Pro, we introduced the basics for creating videos [...]
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