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A Microsoft® Certified Trainer, Melissa Esquibel combines her 25+ years experience in information technology with a background in training, technical writing and business risk analysis. Her goal: To take you from “No, how?” to “Know how!”

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If you have attended any of our recent webinars on Microsoft Office applications, you have probably heard me tout the value of using keyboard shortcuts as time savers and accuracy boosters. Another side benefit to navigating around your applications without scrolling is avoiding hand, wrist and elbow injuries which may result from repetitive strenuous motion, like excessive use of your mouse. Here are 3 great tips to save your body and mind while working in Excel.
Scrolling and mousing can not only be huge time-wasters, but if overused, can really injure you. Try these handy Excel keystroke shortcuts to save time, improve accuracy and reduce the possibility of injury!
I get asked a lot if it still pays to hone your skills on Office 2003, with 2007 out now for 3 years and 2010 on the horizon. While the installed base of Office 2007 is going up all the time, there are still many organizations on previous versions. What I want to know from […]
My writing usually focuses on technical tips and tricks. But in all honesty, the best tip I can offer is to get trained. Most of us are self-taught in the office software products we use. Unless you are the type to read all your manuals thoroughly before touching the mouse or keyboard, it’s safe to […]
Excel error messages aren’t always terribly clear to us. We know we have a problem, but we don’t know where to go to start fixing it! In this and next week’s article we’ll examine 6 common errors in Excel and how they show up, including 2 error messages that may not be errors at all! […]
We’ve taken that old, ugly PowerPoint presentation and whipped into shape with respect to content and consistency. The layouts all look good. And, we’ve chosen an appropriate background and color set. We’re almost happy with the finished product except for a few font choices and the need for some additional slide layouts. We would also […]
There are three types of messages Excel gives us that aren’t technically error messages, but they are notifying us that something MIGHT be wrong. In this second half of my Excel Error Messages training, we’ll explore #N/A, FALSE and circular cell references. #N/A#N/A actually means no answer. The most common place you’ll see an #N/A […]
PowerPoint  makeover: Working with design and layouts for version 2003In recent weeks, we’ve explored the best way to transform an old, ugly presentation into an effective PowerPoint presentation. with a Word outline, and how to overcome one of the hurdles of using the method: one bullet per slide. This week we’ll take our plainly laid-out […]
In my previous two posts, we explored the best way to transform an old, ugly PowerPoint presentation with a Word outline, and how to overcome one of the hurdles of using the method: One Bullet/One Slide This week we will take our plainly laid-out content and create an effective PowerPoint presentation in PowerPoint 2007. Next […]
Last week you learned about the best way to compose a PowerPoint presentation. I promised that we would troubleshoot a few of the common mishaps with that method. The first, and perhaps most frustrating one is the “one bullet point per slide” mishap. This usually occurs when outline numbering is added manually, rather than by […]