The Integrated Marketer

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Why Land Rover's "luxury" tagline is out of step with the times -- and why you need to fix your own out-of-touch messaging before you're out of customers.
How is a boutique stocking up on new customers despite a grim economy and lousy retail climate?  With “Insider Trading” – a strategy that also works for CPAs, consultants, and just about every business!
Yes, customers are watching every penny.  But instead of cutting your prices, try fattening your offer with irresistable "extras."  Best of all, those extras don't have to cost you a penny!

Is fear of real or perceived risk keeping your customers from committing?  If so, spend some time brainstorming about shared-risk offers that could turn your sale from cold … to gold.

Has this rollercoaster economy got your customers holding onto their money tighter than ever?  A simple, common-sense marketing approach can calm the ride and help them let go.

The economy’s awful.  But I’m about to spend a bundle on a new furnace, toilet and front porch lights. These purchases weren't even on my radar a few days ago. But then a local business had a great marketing idea ...
The green market is exploding.  Isn’t it? Or is this a perfect example of a trend that may be pure gold for some businesses, but that will trap your business into a marketing disaster? You can spot the difference by answering two questions...
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