The Business of Business Finance

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LinkedIn is a great tool to help you grow your company, find JV candidates, attract key employees, a buyer for your business, whatever your objective.  The key is to be “findable” in an increasingly crowded online world.
I am currently working on three deals sourced through key word search on LinkedIn
Most of what you read in the business press and what is available in the public domain is focused on larger and public companies and is not relevant in the small and mid sized business sale. 
Both examples illustrate how an earn out can be an effective tool when selling your company. The key, however, is using negotiating terms that are easily monitored, clear and understood by both parties that also protect your interests.
The most likely buyer will have annual revenues of 5x – 20x larger than yours...
When our $525,000 turned into $1,175,000, I fell in love with the idea of an investor preference.
The typical business owner, entrepreneur or small company CEO's mind is a jumble of thoughts, motivations and interests.  Here's a great list to satisfy that volatile mix.
97% of family businesses fail by the 3rd generation.
The very best time to sell your company is about 18 months before your company sales peak. 
It is well documented and agreed that Warren Buffet is the greatest investor of our time.  However, I worry the Oracle of Omaha continues to drift further from economic reality towards his unusual (or weird) view of the world.  Given his status in the business world, Buffett's views should be alarming to his fans, investors and employees.
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