The 60-Second Sales Seminar

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How many times have you left a sales call thinking something was going to happen only to find out later that your prospect pulled a vanishing act? Or, maybe you thought you heard the prospect say they were mailing or faxing a signed contract, but it never showed up.
OK, it’s not as profound as Hamlet’s question, but for the salesperson, it is just as much a life or death question - the life or death of a prospective sale.
Of the thousand and one excuses not to prospect, the reason that lies at the base of most of them is fear. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of being unprepared, and the fear of looking foolish...

Once you know your people, you can design individual motivators that really work, and armed with this you will now become incredibly empowered as a motivator.

"We're going to put this on hold and see what happens with the economy." How many times have your heard this from your prospects?
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