Small Business Tax

Section 179 vehicles should be a key part of your small business tax deduction strategies. Can Section 179 property fit in with your business tax strategies?

Let Business Management Daily help you get each and every rental property depreciation credit and business tax deduction you’re entitled to.

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Are you looking to downsize your principal residence now that the kids are out of school and the mortgage is paid off? You might sell the place, collect a bundle of tax-free cash under the home sale exclusion and move temporarily to a second home you’ve been using as a vacation home. Strategy: Keep the “second home” as your main home for at least two years.

Q. My husband was a partner in a dry cleaning business when he died. Are payments from the partnership taxed to his estate?
The 3.8% Medicare surtax on net investment income has grabbed headlines, but there’s another new Medicare surtax to worry about.

A business owner with just a handful of employees has several qualified retirement plans to choose from. But you may need to salt away more later in life than a typical defined contribution plan—like a Simplified Employee Pension or Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees—will allow. Strategy: Set up a Section 412(i) plan.

According to a new report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, the IRS should delay tax refunds to improve taxpayer compliance.
Generally, it is better for taxpayers to label an activity a “business” than a “hobby.” But there’s more than semantics involved.

Congress has huffed and puffed, but it has yet to blow away a unique tax break for investing in your own company through your retirement plan. Strategy: With retirement account investments in company stock, keep the stock until you’re ready to retire. Don’t convert this nest egg to cash or other securities.

Under a separate tax provision for qualified small business stock, you can exclude 100% of the gain on the sale of the stock held more than five years. However, as the tax law currently reads, the 100% gain exclusion does not apply to stock issued after 12/31/13. Instead, a 50% gain exclusion applies.
Congress has yet to approve a number of “extenders” for 2014, but one tax break for soon-to-be parents is already locked up for good.
According to a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the IRS would do a better job if it had more money.