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Microsoft is working on a new technology, dubbed Street Slide. And from the looks of the demo, it would revolutionize online maps. The new technology allows users to “slide” along a street—rather than jump from snapshot to snapshot, as in Google Street View.

If you’re writing an e-newsletter or promotional e-mail for your company, remember: That “free” e-newsletter costs your readers time. And that could be the most valuable thing they possess. Persuading readers to click and read is more challenging than you might think. Heed these tips and tricks from the experts for writing more effective marketing e-mail:

With postage and printing costs rising—and direct-mail response falling—more small businesses are using e-mail as their No. 1 marketing tool. Still, your e-mail faces many potential barriers, including spam filters and increasing in-box competition. Here are four tips to generate the best ROI for your e-mail marketing efforts:
If you have business partners who regularly refer clients to you, consider a list swap: They get your client list, you get theirs. This can be an extremely effective prospecting tool.

Often, we use a software program because it's available, not because it's the best one for the job. And rushing to buy a new program also can cost you more in time and trouble (on top of the dollars) than if you'd made do with a program already loaded on your computer. Before choosing which program to use for a job, answer these questions:

Here’s an easy, nifty way to share a web site: Use the “Send Link” within your web browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari all offer the tool via the drop-down menu.
Avoid “death by PowerPoint” by stealing presentation tips from the famously charismatic CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. Jobs is a gifted speaker, not necessarily because he was born with talent, but because he sticks to several strategies.

When you're not on top of your e-mail, you feel out of control. It can also torpedo your career, since people associate responsiveness with competence. It is possible to clear out your e-mail inbox—and keep it clear—daily. But you must be willing to change your behavior. Here are four steps ...

Matt Kaiser, VP of NAS Recruitment Communication, encourages employers to create policies and procedures to help employees take advantage of social media. “Your employees are going to be the best way to build your powerful employee brand,” said Kaiser. “Give employees advice on what to do—not just what not to do.…"
You’ve heard that videos are great marketing tools, and you’ve clicked on plenty of promotional videos online. But are they great for your company? They can be extremely effective for growing your business if you put the right video on your web site. When planning your video strategy, here are four types to consider:
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