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Give your old cell phone a second life by donating it to a charity.
Even if you're a die-hard MapQuest fan, give Google Maps a test drive. It’s worth using for these three fantastic features.
Organize and track your daily tasks and multistep projects with a “project board.”
Put travelers’ itineraries at their fingertips by sending it from your e-mail to their cell phones.
Sure, electronic greeting cards can be clever, cool and funny. But they don’t seem as personal or as meaningful as a card sent by snail mail.
Know Your Stuff is a free software program that helps you inventory all your possessions.
Send off international business travelers with a folder full of tips and tricks to make their journeys smoother:
Snatch airline tickets when the prices drop, using online tool Yapta
Create instant sticky notes out of any piece of paper.
Travel easier with online services.
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