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One of the most common frustrations in Excel is sizing rows and columns accurately. Columns are sometimes not wide enough to show all the numbers, which is what all those # symbols mean. Or columns might be too wide, rows too short or too tall. A simple double-click in the column’s right edge will make the column adjust to fit all the data in it.

If something happens to your computer, you have a backup drive. But what if something happens to the backup drive? That’s one reason many people are turning to “the cloud,” or remote computers that encrypt and store files.

An executive proudly showed me the Power Point presentation he had prepared for an upcoming strategic offsite. As kindly as I could, I made a little “Blah, blah, blah” motion with my right hand and said that his first three slides were classic signs that the rest of the presentation was going to stink.
Vice President Joe Biden isn’t the only one who has dozed during an important moment. Sen. John McCain nodded off during George W. Bush’s State of the Union address in 2007. And in recent weeks, several air traffic controllers have been busted for sleeping on the job. To avoid leading a meeting that would put someone to sleep, drop the PowerPoint.
5 business email etiquette tips — for all workers, at all times...
Of the millions of iPhone 4 (and iPhone 3GS) users in the United States, most are unaware of the advanced shortcuts that can make them more efficient. Here are six ways to boost your productivity:
Administrative professional Debbie is in search of the magic bullet that will make it easier to archive e-mail—and later find what she needs. While e-mail is a source of productivity, it can also become an out-of-­control monster. Tune up your inbox with these tips:
Most successful businesses take the time to develop a written marketing plan. Here are 10 quick steps for building a plan that’s right for your business, your goals and your marketplace.

The latest voice-activated technology has perfected recognizing your words, but it can do so much more: make phone calls, create e-mails or text messages, do Internet searches, or even update your social media status. Here are some of the best applications that will have you going “hands free” in no time:

You could say social media is a big waste of time. On the other hand, you could use social media and technology as a tool to save yourself time and actually help your business. Here are five ways to get more out of it:
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