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For the boss whose drawers and briefcase are whitened with business cards and receipts, it might be time for this tech solution: Neat Receipts (


Try hosting a conversation on your web site after being blasted online

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by on November 1, 2008 12:00am
in Office Technology

Think twice before tossing old cell phones ... Sail through airport screening with new laptop bag ...
Lying may be part of the human condition, but that doesn’t mean you need to be snookered by liars.

Here are three productivity tools from Google that are worth trying.

Research shows the $20 gadgets help people walk an additional mile each day.
Done right, online marketing fills your company’s pipeline with better clients at a fraction of what print-based marketing costs. But are you doing it right?
E-mail your boss and let him or her know you’re running late without taking your hands off the wheel.
No need to struggle with the “old” way of doing things. These free online tools can simplify common (and time-consuming) tasks.
Forgetting a good friend’s name or losing your glasses is one thing at age 25. But when it happens at age 50, many people begin to worry about their mental decline. Research has shown that the brain’s plasticity allows it to be exercised back into shape (to a certain extent).