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If you frequently write letters to the same few people, having documents that are partially formatted with dropdown menus can save you the hassle of copying and pasting from old documents all the time.

Trying to type on a small smartphone keyboard can be very frustrating. The fingers just don’t fit. To ease the frustration, several app developers have invented more efficient ways to type on mobile devices. Check out these options.

Q. What is OneNote? It’s on all my Ribbons.
Q. Do I need Internet Explorer in order to use SharePoint 2010?
Pinterest, the social content sharing ­service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard, recently launched apps for both the iPad and Android. The third-most popular social network after Facebook and Twitter also reversed its invitation-only policy by opening up the site to the general public.

Let’s say you have a meeting scheduled to discuss resolving customer complaints. To prepare for the meeting, attendees search their inboxes and network drives to find related files they’ll need to begin visualizing a process. By inserting some of these objects into the meeting notice, you can help attendees better prepare for the meeting.

Q. Where's the old Find/Replace dialog box in Word 2010?
Here are three websites specializing in all things Office.
Do you need to provide assistance to people and know they are frustrated because the explanation doesn’t seem to make sense to them? Windows 7 has the answer in the Problem Step Recorder.

Use Alt+S to compose, forward, or reply to an email ... Substitute Alt+. when you don't want to click in the To: line when composing an email ... Toggle to the Subject line in an email message by hitting Alt+U.

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