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A few tips to help you work better in Excel.
Here are three tips to save you time and pain from all that clicking and dragging.
It’s always good to know who is helping to shape how you live and work.
List and library settings ... SharePoint Online ribbon ... Creating a template from a list or library
You might have to go an extra click or two to access this cool little app inside your Google Drive account, but it’s worth doing.
This fitness app is simple, easy and effective.
Schedule appointments, get to your address book and create a contact on the fly.
Once you know how Excel works with dates, there’s so much your data can tell you!
Here are three lesser known cloud solutions listed in PC Magazine’s Best Cloud Storage and File-Syncing Services for 2016.
Screen clipping Q. When I use Screen Clipping, I’m not always fast enough to click on what I want to clip. Is there any way to slow it down? A. This happens to me, too, when I have to right-click or click a menu dropdown before the gray screen appears. In this case, I use print screen […]
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