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“Penny Pincher’s Almanac” columnist Gene Marks tells BusinessWeek that for many small businesses, a web page can work just fine: that is, a page with basic, important information, such as contact information and maybe a photo or two.

While some Web 2.0 tools are about socializing and idea swapping, LinkedIn is the only tool completely devoted to business networking. Nurturing your online presence could lead to job offers, new knowledge or a beefed-up reputation as an expert. Here’s how to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

When Medical Mutual Insurance of Ohio learned that 11 computer disks mailed to state retirement groups in Columbus had not arrived, the insurer contacted the U.S. Postal Service. There was reason for concern: The disks contained personal information on 36,000 Ohio retirees ...

When it’s time to reinvigorate your company, what do you do? Whose ideas do you listen to? How do you know whether your customers will stick with you through change? Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is in the process of using customers’ advice to update his recently battered brand ...

Upon becoming chief information officer of the NBA in 1999, Michael Gliedman found unconnected pockets of IT all over the NBA. Now his shop runs the league’s digital video archive and web site. He’s helping the NBA’s 30 teams capture data on their fan base. He’s also constantly evaluating new technologies.

Drowning in information overflow? Try managing your Outlook with these handy little helpers.

One free application and one online tool can help simplify your work: KallOut ( and TinyURL (

Want an endless supply of good passwords? These online tools can supply them, or even store them for you.

Is it possible to clear out an e-mail inbox—and keep it clear—daily? Yes. But you must be willing to change your behavior, says Michael C. Hyatt, president of Thomas Nelson Publishers, who writes on his blog about taking control of his own inbox.

If your web site loads onto a customer’s screen slower than the speed of instant gratification, you run a serious risk of losing that customer forever. Here are seven simple ways to make your web pages load faster, according to the experts at the Mequoda consulting firm.

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