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Painless file backup

by on July 1, 1999 12:00am
in Office Technology

Save yourself and your employees headaches: Install a reliable software program that backs up your daily computer files.

Virus watch

by on June 1, 1999 3:00am
in Office Technology

Never download software programs from unfamiliar Web sites.
Saflink Corp. in Tampa, Fla., now has voice-activated software called SaftyLatch that keeps your files scrambled until the computer hears your voice.
When preparing slides for a presentation, choose your colors with care.
Next time you’re tempted to bring aboard an expert, see if you have someone on staff who already has the knowledge you need.
If your employees use company-owned laptops, you should know that theft rates are soaring.
Laptop users often dislike having to plant themselves in a space that’s only two feet or so from a phone jack.
Warn your staff not to send frivolous e-mail.
When deciding whether to buy new software or other high-tech tools for your employees, ask yourself these three questions.

If some of your smartest employees are too bashful to speak up in meetings, here’s a practical way to get them to come out of their shells.
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