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If you do your best work with a tune in the background, pump up the volume with these web sites. They work like free, intelligent jukeboxes. You enter a song, band or composer you like, and the web site plays other music that it suspects you’ll like.

Need to send a message quickly to someone who’s out and about, but who—gasp!—doesn’t own a BlackBerry?
Protect the names and numbers in your cell phone with a $40 CellStik.
How about a book she can listen to on the go?
If you'll be out job-hunting soon, video résumés may be one way to stand out from the pack, if you do it right.
You may have heard the phrase “Web 2.0.” The lingo refers to the collaborative way that many web sites are put together.
After a decade of hype, banking via cell phones and other hand-held devices will become more mainstream in the coming years.
The Inflight Power recharger does the trick. lets you take advantage of a little-noticed air regulation.
Keep in step with tech by asking this question.
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