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You may store umpteen million things in your head, but your boss’s birthday just isn’t one of them.
Store project-related e-mail messages in desktop folders for future reference.

Bring yourself out of a bad mood by jotting down your bad feelings, advises Darlene Minnini, Ph.D., author of

The Emotional Toolkit



The new PowerPoint 2007 has had some work done to it. If you haven’t checked it out yet, take the new version for a “test drive”...

Summer vacation comes to an end, and before you even finish unpacking you’re already dreading the e-mail deluge waiting in your inbox at work.

The days of scurrying off to make a bank deposit (or sending an employee to do it) may be numbered.
Display or announce your e-mail address when you take questions after making a presentation.
The federal government just revamped and renamed, its fouryear Web portal for government information, resources and services.

Make it easier for people to visit your company’s Web site in a single click.

Tally up the miles you cover during a lunchtime walk without toting your pedometer.

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