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After 10 years as an admin, Jennifer Bennett felt she’d hit a plateau. That’s when she launched her own blog.
No need to ogle BlackBerrys and other “smart phones” that let people send e-mail, navigate the roads and view documents.

Spreading your work across two monitors can double your productivity. Just ask Bill Gates, who stays efficient with a triple monitor setup. To make your setup soar, invest in these two pieces of equipment ...

It's not just you; we’ve all been getting more spam lately.

If you didn't jump on the iPhone bandwagon, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a phone with oodles of bells and whistles. How? With widgets: small applications that appear on your phone’s menu pages.

A new Federal Trade Commission rule puts much tighter limits on businesses that use telemarketing calls to deliver prerecorded messages ...

According to PC World magazine, thrifty web sites are getting more attention (and site traffic) than ever before. Click on any of the sites listed here for good advice on saving money and guarding your finances.

Haven't figured out yet what all the new Web 2.0 tools can do for you? Here are two tools that, when used together, can direct you to better information—not just more information—on the web.

Imagine building a product used by 150 million people and relying extensively on volunteers and individuals outside your company walls to create it. That’s what Mozilla Corp., maker of the web browser Firefox, has done for the past 10 years, under the helm of Mitchell Baker.

Before you fire up the Net and begin your holiday spending spree, follow these tips from financial web site “The Motley Fool” ( for saving money during the nation’s biggest shopping season ...