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Recycle obsolete electronics without having to pay for postage.

Accidentally hit the delete button on an e-mail? It’s easy enough to retrieve. If it’s recent, you can find it at the top of your “Recycle Bin.” But what if the message was two weeks or two months old?

The only thing worse than bad news about your company is having that news broadcast via the blogosphere.
Admit it. You suspect your presentation wasn’t so hot, and yet your colleagues come up and say, “Great talk!” Isn’t that what you tell them after their lousy talks?
For example, add an automatic signature to your e-mails.
Keep track of to-do’s with free virtual reminder system,
A new web-based application scans almost any electronic document for people, places, businesses and other entities, and then indexes these items on the right side of the screen.
What's the job really like? Find out by visiting
By using the free Google Alerts service, you can pick certain keywords and have Google automatically search for related news articles each day.
One way to make yourself more marketable? Learn another language.