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If you could reach a pool of 50 million prospective customers each day, you’d jump at the chance, right? Well, about 50 million people visit and use Web logs (blogs) every day. So, what are you waiting for?
Used judiciously, instant messaging (IM) allows your business to cut down on long distance charges, conduct real-time interaction with clients, and host chats and conferences with vendors. But used without guidelines, it can hamper productivity, embarrass you and even jeopardize your company’s trade secrets.

With prices falling, you should pay less for telecom costs these days. But you might actually be spending more than your competitors and not know it. To find out, benchmark your telecom costs against other small businesses in your industry.

Build your résumé by searching under your name on popular search engines
In the face of rising travel costs, look into swapping a pricey off-site meeting for a low-cost conference call.
Cultivate your most vital business relationships by making one phone call for every five e-mail messages to those contacts.
Visit their web sites periodically.
All the leaders at your organization need to make good decisions. But they also need to adopt a “performance anatomy” that puts those decisions into action. That means being adept at five critical tasks:
Find out what people are saying about your organization.
You can learn some lessons by applying evolution theories to business: theories such as the Red Queen Principle and “punctuated equilibrium,” which offer glimpses into the future.
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