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Matt Kaiser, VP of NAS Recruitment Communication, encourages employers to create policies and procedures to help employees take advantage of social media. “Your employees are going to be the best way to build your powerful employee brand,” said Kaiser. “Give employees advice on what to do—not just what not to do.…"
You’ve heard that videos are great marketing tools, and you’ve clicked on plenty of promotional videos online. But are they great for your company? They can be extremely effective for growing your business if you put the right video on your web site. When planning your video strategy, here are four types to consider:

Courts have long said that employers are supposed to be proactive about preventing and stopping sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers know or should know that simply having a sexual harassment policy in place isn’t enough—they have to aggressively enforce that policy. What employers may not fully realize is that no one within the organization is exempt from education, training and discipline.

Here are’s top 5 free travel apps to make travel smoother (available on any smartphone with a data plan):
Here are’s top 5 free travel apps to make travel smoother (available on any smartphone with a data plan):

As the most popular blogging software, WordPress has matured to become a bona fide solution for businesses that need a blog or even a web site with updatable content. It’s free, capable of search engine optimization and easy to update. Here are five other blogging software options:

What makes the Internet useful is also what makes it so undeniably distracting: There’s no end to what you can find online. Luckily, a few browser add-ons that work with Firefox can help make web surfers more productive (all available at

Do you ever think about how many decisions you make within 24 hours? Although we have more choices and more information today to help us decide, it’s not getting easier. According to a recent conversation I had with a colleague and friend, Mary Goulet, the key is to Go with your Gut! Personally, I prefer the word intuition.

Thanks to Google’s policy of allowing employees time each week to work on pet projects, the company is forever unleashing new tools to improve your googleability. These four new tools could make you more fluent, more efficient and better-informed.

Make your e-mail easy to read and respond to with these four tips: 1. Limit your e-mail messages to one topic. 2. Make sure your headline is clear, strong and descriptive. 3. Include all contact information within every e-mail. 4. Encompass all relevant information the person might need to answer the e-mail.

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