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It is said that people only use 10% of their brains. Are you only using 10% of your office technology? We’ll help you unlock the other 90%.

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Tech Tips

by on October 1, 2008 12:00am
in Office Technology

Save trees when you print ... New, plentiful software options available for iPhones ...
Has your office furniture evolved to meet the changing workplace?
By cutting back on the consumption of little things such as paper cups and ballpoint pens, we save the energy required for production, packaging, delivery and even recycling.
Try learning something new about a city on your next business trip.

Find out how fast applicants can type with the free typing test.

Go beyond ordinary searching with these handy googling tips.

Gain a free personal concierge by using voice-activated service ChaCha.

Measure your web site’s marketing effectiveness
Employers say the darnedest things at the wrong time. Take, for example, a termination meeting. This is not the time to be defensive and anticipate the employee’s discrimination charges. Instead, stick with the hard facts: why the company has decided that termination is necessary ...

Create a quick-and-dirty Excel chart in one keystroke.

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