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We answer four reader questions about becoming a certified Microsoft Office wizard, how to keep the certification current, and what it can really do for you.
Use the Windows key to change the size of the active window ... Snap the window to the left or right to compare files.
If you’re confused by the three versions of Microsoft Office that are available this year, technology editor Dave Johnson has a simple explanation of each one.
Microsoft Office 2013 has arrived with some new features that could make your job easier.
Q. How can I create my own custom bullet points?
How to select a shape and use Ctrl+Shift+ to reduce or increase its height or width.
Q. What is OneNote? It’s on all my Ribbons.
Here are three websites specializing in all things Office.
“This is the biggest, most ambitious release of Office that we’ve ever done in our history,” Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer said recently about Office 2013. Embracing the mobile world, it brings touch-based controls and cloud storage, giving you access to your files from any computer, anywhere.

Keeping previous versions of a document while modifying it makes it easy to step back from recent changes and move forward from there.

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