Keyboard Shortcuts

Trust Business Management Daily to provide Windows shortcuts that let you get your work done in a fraction of the time.

By using these shortcut keys, you’ll do more than simply save time. You’ll also cut down on the number of errors you’d otherwise make by typing the same thing over and over again.

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Press A to make a pointer disappear and bring it back again ... Press H to display a hidden slide ... Type E to erase pen or highlighter ink.
Deal with mysterious formatting in the middle of your paragraph in one or more words ... Access your Paste Special options quickly with Ctrl+Alt+V ... Keep track of word and character counts, as well as other document statistics.

Use Alt+S to compose, forward, or reply to an email ... Substitute Alt+. when you don't want to click in the To: line when composing an email ... Toggle to the Subject line in an email message by hitting Alt+U.

Find it right now using F3 ... Make function key operations more visible ... Quickly adjust the brightness of your display.

The key to working smarter is learning shortcuts. PC World recently asked several tech experts to share a few of their productivity secrets. Here are some of the best culled from the list.

Move from the Title placeholder to the Content placeholder by using Ctrl+Enter ... Press B to put the screen on black when you want the audience to focus on you instead of the screen ... Nudge an object just a bit with Ctrl+Arrow ...

Make text larger with this shortcut ...  Quickly change to smaller text in a place holder by selecting the text and ­hitting Ctrl+Shift+< ... Draw a shape and quickly make it a navigation button ...
Uses these keyboard shortcuts to work faster and smarter.
Switzerland’s Anti-PowerPoint Party is seeking support for a national referendum to ban the use of PowerPoint. Author Matthias Poehm believes PowerPoint is the wrong tool for making an effective presentation. His advice? Go back to using a flip chart.
Windows Key ... Windows Key and Tab ... Windows Key THEN Right Arrow THEN Enter.
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